Le Conseil International des Managers Africains – CIMA (International Council of African Managers) pays tribute to Dr. Babacar Ndiaye, Founder, African Business Roundtable (ABR) and honours Samuel Dossou-Aworet, ABR President with an Oscar – Paris, 7th July, 2018

CIMA, an organization created 32 years ago, brings together economic leaders for pooling resources, improving the effectiveness of public policies at the national, regional and continental levels to support African growth. It organizes economic meetings of businessmen and women to reinforce the image of a Winning Africa: the Winning Africa Forum. The Council also organizes a gala for African managers during which Awards are presented to business leaders who have distinguished themselves in various areas of endeavours.

This year, the 33rd edition of the Awards held on the occasion of the 31st edition of the Forum from July 5 to 7, 2018 in Paris with the theme – ‘Free Trade Zone, Africa’s big market of the future’

Tribute was paid to the former Honorary President of the AfDB, Dr. Babacar Ndiaye, who on the occasion of the 28th Africa Economic Forum, defended an Africa that emancipates economically by giving itself the means to meet the enormous challenges arising from a myriad of factors. Dr. Babacar Ndiaye established the African Business Roundtable in 1990 during his tenure as President of the Bank Group

Mr. Samuel Dossou-Aworet is the winner of the Oscars – African Managers Leadership and Excellence Academy Award of distinction, presented at the 33rd edition of the Award on 7th July, 2018 in Paris. He was chosen by the organization’s Supervisory Committee for his leadership, patriotism, economic performance and commitments to the emergence of an economically stable Africa. Mr. Dossou-Aworet is the current President and Chairman of the Board of the African Business Roundtable

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