The key objectives include:

  • To expand the role of private enterprise in Africa and to create an environment conducive to economic growth and prosperity;
  • To provide assistance to existing enterprises and to serve as a forum for business leaders to study issues, exchange ideas and
    develop positions and solutions to problems of mutual concern;
  • To serve as a forum for its members, promote the establishment of business relations among them and encourage the formation of joint ventures;
  • To promote wider awareness of Africa’s business, investment and trade potential;
  • To co-operate with Governments, the public sector and other organizations in Africa and internationally with a view to advocating elimination of impediments to investment and trade;
  • To advise and encourage governments and other national, regional or international institutions, to adopt laws, policies, regulations and procedures that enhance business growth, especially in small and medium- sized enterprises;
  • To build and maintain a positive image and enhance the good reputation and effectiveness of African entrepreneurs by providing them with :
  • Training and professional opportunities (including expert information on research and appropriate technology)
  • Advice on potential sources of capital; and
  • Assistance in resource mobilization;
  • To encourage indigenous African enterprises in the processing and marketing of raw materials and agriculture products and in the various service sectors;
  • To promote amicable settlement of business disputes through mediation and arbitration;
  • To serve as an instrument for healthy dialogue with governments and the public sector;
  • To co-operate with African regional and sub-regional financial or economic organizations for the integration of the economies of Africa;
  • To serve as a partnership that is able to assist businessmen and businesswomen to play a constructive role in building a more prosperous Africa.